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Southern historic route

Day 1 and 2- Arbaminchi- Dorze tribe and the upper Rift Valley Lakes

Drive to Arbaminch (“Forty Springs”). On the way we will visit the Dorze tribe, who lives in the Chincha village the located on a high ridge. This is a small and unique tribe, famous for his ability and culture to exist almost only from a single plant, the “false Banana” (Enset), from which they derive their food, their clothes and their homes. Lake Chamo, a part of the Syrian-African rift lakes. Here we can watch the crocodiles, hippos and an impressive variety of bird species. You will accommodate at Arbaminchi /Paradise Lodge/

Day 3 and 4  Mursi – River Tribal Nations: Mursi

In the morning we leave the Arbaminch and go to the country town Jinka, where we will sleep. The city is best known for the finest coffee growing in it. On the way we will visit the tribes Benna and Ari. We will get introduced to the rich culture of the local people in the afternoon while visiting the Ethnographic Museum. The next day we will meet the members of the Mursi tribe, a tribe of shepherds – farmers, who live in round cabins made of straw and that their wives are known for the round plates tend to lower their lips with when they rich adolescence.

Day 4 and 5 Trumi- River Tribal Nations: Trumi

In the morning we leave the Jinka area and drive toward turmi. On the way we will visit the people of Demeka and meet the Hamer tribe, and stop in the local market. The Hamer pople are known for spreading butter and ocher on their hair and decoration their bodies with feathers and beads, We will also visit the Karo tribe, known for their expertise in body painting and the tribe males hair, and also the tribe Dassanth that is the most southern tribe in Ethiopia, and known scarify the body both for beauty (for women) and among men as a sign identifies the amount of enemies and animals that the man managed to kill.

Day 6  - Konso tribe, Lake Chamo

In the morning we return to the four Lynch and visit the Konso tribe. The tribe is an ethnic group that belongs to the family of tribes Hakohsitem and resides in southern and central Ethiopia. Providing for the tribe, numbering about 250 thousand people, comes from agriculture, including their own crops include corn, cotton and coffee. Konso became part of world heritage list by UNESCO in 1997. Overnight Yabelo

Day 7- Yabelo Awasa

Drive to Awasa and visit Borena,Guji and Sidama Tribe. On the way we will visit the Rift Valley Lakes

Day 8- Awasa - Addis Ababa

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