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Omo River Whitewater Rafting

The Omo River is an immensely popular river in Southern Ethiopia. The water body initiates from the Shewan highlands and moves towards south, empting into the Lake Turkana, located at the border of Kenya. As the river moves further, it gains momentum by falling off from an incredible height of six thousand feet! Thundering along the deep canyons, the river moves through dense forested areas. Considered to be one of the most remote areas, the Omo River is also noted as one of the most sought-after scenic places on the earth.

In the same way, the river scores quite well among rafting enthusiasts as well. From challenging torrents and exquisite terrains to exotic wild lives and lush green forestry – the river has it all. A rafter gets to discover a lot, once he starts exploring the fascinating Omo River. The welcoming whitewaters of high-levels can offer the most spectacular view and off course, the most electrifying rafting adventures. However, none of the rapids are much threatening, thus providing joyous excitement all the way!

As you raft through the desolate lands, you are sure to enjoy every bit of the exhilarating trip. Along with the enticing whitewaters of the Omo River, a rafter is bound to get thrilled by the splendor of the breathtaking scenery. Streaming through the gorges, you can get a glimpse of the mystifying tribal culture along the riverside. It is even said that some of these desolate places by the riverside are still virtually unknown to the rest of the world.

The picturesque scenery throughout the trip is indeed dramatic, with numerous waterfalls and streams joining the Omo River in the entire trip. So, get prepared for a remarkable trip as the mystic river awaits you!

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